The Iliad in Ancient Greek, with the first ever true recording, and six hexameter translations.

The Iliad in Ancient Greek, complete and illustrated edition with the first ever authentic Audio Recording by Ioannes Stratakes, illustrations by Nikolaos Chantzes, and translations in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Danish, prepared by Jeppe N. Jacobsen.
In the dense, impenetrable fog which like a veil overshadows the origins of European civilization, a lonely torch flickers through the darkness, surviving still in our millennium, where all other witnesses from this remote past have grown silent. The Iliad is our oldest literary masterpiece, and our only window unto that world whence sprang the origins of democracy, the origins of Europe, the source of our history and our identity.

In a three-fold co-operation between Denmark and Athens, led by Danish art historian and composer Jeppe N. Jacobsen, the public will be offered in 2017 for the first time in more than 1500 years the opportunity to hear this great epic in the original Greek, as it was heard by Socrates, Archimedes and Alexander: Recorded by Ioannes Stratakes, the most noteworthy Ancient Greek rhapsode of his era, the language of the Iliad is brought again to life in a new complete and illustrated edition, with artwork executed in the classical style by the Athenian artist Nikolaos Chantzes, under the direction of J. N. Jacobsen.
Video Excerpt from the German Edition:

The first volume, which has now been completed, is to be published in seven languages, the first of which will feature German, English and Danish translations prepared by J. N. Jacobsen, and a translation in the popular Greek by I. Stratakes. Italian, Spanish and French editions are in preparation. In the translation work the main focus has been the quality of the poetry, and where excellent translations were already available these have been used as reference to lesser or greater extent, to create the best possible experience for the reader.

The Edition does not require any previous knowledge of Ancient Greek, and hence distinguishes itself by being enjoyable by everyone.

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